10 Reasons Dogs Are So Much More Lovable Than Humans


by Barbara Csernai



Whether your dog is your baby, your best friend, your partner-in-crime or the love of your life, it’s no secret that us dog owners would pretty much rather spend time with our pups than just about anyone. A lot of us even feel dogs are better than humans!

Dogs are so great to hang with. We never have to listen to them complain about their dumb co-workers, we never have to worry about them showing up in the same outfit as we’re wearing, and the worst thing about hanging with your dog is you probably have to share your delicious snacks with them.  

TikTok account @Greatpetcareofficial gets why some people think doggies are better than humans, and they posted this video explaining why. Watch the following to see if you agree.


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The reasons they list are that dogs are better than humans is because always happy to see you, they always know just what to say, they’ll never try to sell you products or slide into your DMs with spam, they are all-star workout buddiesnose boops, they don’t question your Netflix picks, they don’t charge for therapy sessions, they never cancel plans, they are the world’s least picky eaters, and that dogs appreciate the little things. 

That’s pretty much all the proof you need that dogs are better than humans. 

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go binge watch some Real Housewives and share some snacks with our dogs. 

Source: PetHelpful