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Do you want something a little more personalised for your companion’s final resting place?
In the early days of 2021, we have got our hands on the latest in laser engravement technology on the market. Prices, Prices

As of now, we offer two different fonts that you can choose for the engravement, however, we may add more later. The font you choose does not affect the price of the engravement. In order, for the name engravement to happen you would need to tell us which font you would like us to use, please refer to them as either “Buddy” or “Daisy” for simplicity reasons.

If you want a picture of you companion engraved, you will need to use WhatsApp to send us a minimum of 3 photos so we can choose the best one that would work with our program. For the best outcome we would need “profile” photos, but we could also do a fully body engravement.
Please keep in mind that the engravement only works with our basic urns (which are £35) as all the other ones are treated with a lacquer that makes the engraving difficult.

Name engravements from £20
Photo engravements from £50

final journey into a new life

Pet Cremation Service means completely individual cremation and aims at helping those owners who has just lost their pet, a true family member and wish to say goodbye to them in the most humane way possible. Memorial tree service provides you with the unique opportunity to keep your beloved pet that gave you so much joy and laughter beside you and transform their final journey into a new life.

Joyful times spent together

The Pet Cremation Service can be booked anywhere within London and its 70-mile radius. The Crematorium is NOT mobile; however, we have a driver ready to pick up your past friend and take them on their final journey. Each pet is treated separately. We can arrange the delivery of the ashes through the post or via private delivery which happens every two weeks. You can also request an onsite paw imprint to remind you of all the joyful times spent together.

pets cremation service London

Not Individual Cremation

Pet cremation under 1kg     £49
Pet cremation under 10kg     £69
Pet cremation under 20kg     £79
Pet cremation under 30kg     £89
Pet cremation under 40kg     £99
Pet cremation under 50kg     £109
Collection     £55
From Central London   +£25
Paw imprint     £20

Individual Cremation

Pet cremation under 1kg   £79
Pet cremation under 10kg   £99
Pet cremation under 20kg   £109
Pet cremation under 30kg   £119
Pet cremation under 40kg   £129
Pet cremation under 50kg   £139
Collection   £55
From Central London   +£25
Urn   £35
Organic funeral with rose or palm   £35
Paw imprint   £20
Individual Delivery (on Saturdays fortnightly)   £40
UK Mail Delivery   £15

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