True Reason Behind Cats Being Affectionate in the Morning Is Quite the Surprise


by Barbara Csernai



Aww, cats really do care about us.

As annoying as it can be sometimes, we love it when our cats wake us up in the morning because they’re always so sweet and cuddly when they do it. We originally thought it was just because our cats wanted us to feed them. LOL! We’d do the same! But one TikToker is explaining the deeper meaning behind the early wakeup calls.

TikTok user @kuzcopluscleo is telling us that we were wrong to think cats were being affectionate because they wanted food. The reason isn’t about them at all. In fact, it’s a sign that they’re just protecting us. Have you ever heard of this before?! 

Aww, if this is the reason behind the 5 a.m. wake-up calls for some cat owners, then they can’t be mad anymore! LOL! Cats are just looking out for their owners and want to make sure they’re fine. Whoever said cats were independent creatures was seriously mistaken!

“My cat covered my head with his blanket, I’m not sure if he was worried for me or plotting my demise,” commented @hiiimerica. HA! Cats love to keep us guessing. It could go one way or the other just depending on the day. One TikToker, @meowamine, said, “Mine always tastes my face…probably just worried that I’m salt depleted.” Oh yes, that must be it!

This video also warmed our hearts because well, our cats think we are also cats. Does it get any cuter than that?! “The thing I took from this video is that cats think you are living in their home rent-free,” pointed out @euanmurphy7. HA! Don’t they know we pay ALL the bills around here?! And where do they think the toys and treats come from?!

Source: PetHelpful