I herby agree that my data entered in the contact form will be stored electronically, and will be processed and used for the purpose of establishing contact. I am aware that I can revoke my consent at any time.Introduction

If the client requests a change to their order, the latest point they can do so is when the driver is present as any changes to the service may not be able to be processed past that point. To elaborate, we cannot make paw imprints the next day as your pet will be cremated that day and we do not have the tools to do so at the crematorium.

Our driver, hired, trained and licensed by Hand Memory LTD, has the right to weigh the client’s pet upon arrival, if the driver feels that the client’s pet belongs in a different weight category to the one stated on the client’s order form or mentioned to a member of customer service. After the weighing, if the client’s pet does fall in a higher weight category the extra charges will have to be paid there and then. This can be done via cash or bank transfer.

The driver will send the client a SMS which states an “ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL” which can be affected by such factors as traffic, time of day or unforeseen issues with the company vehicle. If the client does not reply within 15 minutes of the driver sending the SMS and does not answer the phone call from customer service, then the client’s collection time will be delayed, and the driver has the rights to proceed with the following collection and come back to the current one once a confirmation is received.

This section highlights Hand Memory LTD’s right to refuse the collection of pet toys, beds, blankets and towels. The driver has every right to refuse to take blanket or towel that the client’s pet has been wrapped in. As Hand Memory LTD is a small company, we do not have the means to discard of these materials and they will be handed back to the client by the driver after the client’s pet has been placed in one of our sanitised containers.

The client has the right to cancel the service given that they adhere to the following terms. The client can cancel the service up until 20:00 hours of the collection day. If our driver is already on the way to handle the client’s collection, the client will have to pay the collection fee of £60. If the client’s pet has already been collected by our driver and the client cancels the service, the client will have to pay the collection fee of £60 and the personal delivery charge of £40, failure to follow these terms will result in the case being handed over to a licensed debt collector. If the client cancels the service before confirming the time of collection with the driver, a full refund will be issued if the client paid in advance. Hand Memory LTD has the right to cancel the collection if the client is out of our service area, in which case a full refund will be issued if the client paid in advance.

The client must pay the full-service fee by the time of the collection. Payment can be made via, PayPal, Bank transfer, Stripe payment or cash to our driver on arrival. The full amount of the service charge is not negotiable. A failure to pay your service fee will result in the return of your pet’s body to your home address and as mentioned in the “Cancellation Terms” the collection and delivery fee will have to be paid, if the client cannot pay these fees the case will be handed over to a licensed debt collector.