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Mobile Pets Cremation

“Keep a fragment of them with you when they’re gone…”

Mobile Pets Cremation That day when the vets are not able to help our beloved furry companions anymore, we must make the inevitable decision to, say goodbye. We all know that after that decision or event, caused by the unfairness of mother nature, we are left nothing more than our furry friend’s bodies as they themselves move on towards the afterlife.

About Us

After their passing, it can sometimes be stressful to arrange something that honours their lives. Mobile Pets Crematory has set out to make that process easier and less stressful with our 7 days a week 8am to 8pm collection service. Book a collection through our website or by calling us. Mobile Pets Cremation


They Belong with Nature Package

You may feel like keeping the remains in an urn may not be for you, for your convenience we offer an Eco-Friendly option. This package offers you the option to pick a rose or a palm tree that will be delivered to you with your furry companion’s ashes scattered around the plant of your choice.

This package is highly recommended with a paw imprint and or a Certificate of Cremation, as we all know plants do not last forever. The paw imprint is made upon collection and handed to you as soon as it cures, so you have a little something to keep until you receive the plant of your choice. Click our prices tab to find out more information.