ManxSPCA tells pet owners not to ‘panic’ over bird attack on dog


by Imre Kovács


The ManxSPCA have told pet owners to be watchful but not to panic

ManxSPCA tells pet owners not to ‘panic’ over bird attack on dog

Pet owners on the Isle of Man have been told not to “panic” after a report of an attack on a dog by a bird of prey.

It followed an elderly miniature bichon frise cross poodle Jess sustaining “really nasty” injuries while in a garden in Governor’s Hill in Douglas.

Owner Diana Gale’s said the bird swooped down “out of nowhere” at the animal.

However, ManxSPCA manager Juana Warburton said such attacks were “super rare” on the island.

Initially Ms Gale believed the puncture wounds, suffered on two separate occasions, were caused by rodents but spotted the bird while watching Jess after “feeling scared” of another attack.

Jess, 17, who is deaf and has poor eyesight, has been treated by a vet and given antibiotic injections.

‘Don’t Panic’

Ms Warburton said she had never heard of a dog being attacked by a bird of prey on the Isle of Man previously and it was an usual time of year for the incident to happen.

The birds were “usually hungry coming out of winter” in March or April, she said.

She advised any pet owners who had concerns over the incident to watch their animals while in the garden or “not allow out them out so much”.

“Be watchful but don’t panic,” she added.