Free Cat Microchipping Event Aims to Enhance Pet Safety


by Barbara Csernai



In a groundbreaking move, a charity in Exeter has organized a free cat microchipping event to ensure compliance with a new legal requirement. Starting from June 10th, all cats must be microchipped with current contact details, with potential fines of £500 for non-compliance.

The initiative, spearheaded by pet charity Blue Cross at its Stratford House center in Marsh Barton, aims to alleviate the financial burden on pet owners while enhancing pet safety. Blue Cross executives emphasized their commitment to supporting pet owners amidst rising living costs, expressing hopes of extending such events nationwide.

Alison Thomas, vet and head of veterinary standards at Blue Cross, underscored the significance of the initiative, stating, “As a charity, we are very aware of the impact of the cost of living on pet owners, and that is why we are running this event.” She further indicated plans to expand these efforts nationwide contingent upon their success and resource availability.

While microchipping for dogs became mandatory in April 2016, with notable success in reuniting lost pets with owners, cat microchipping has now emerged as a crucial measure to enhance feline safety. Collars and tags, commonly used for identification, often prove unreliable due to the risk of loss. Microchipping offers a permanent and reliable solution to identify and reunite lost cats with their owners.

The cost of microchipping, which typically ranges between £10 and £30, can pose a financial challenge for some pet owners. Recognizing this, Blue Cross has opted to offer free microchipping to all pet owners, regardless of financial means. Ms. Thomas emphasized the importance of accessibility, stating, “We’re hoping that particularly people who would find it difficult to afford microchipping will come along.” Additionally, Blue Cross urges pet owners to update their contact details promptly to avoid potential fines for non-compliance.

Overall, Blue Cross’s initiative represents a significant step towards enhancing pet safety and welfare while addressing the financial constraints faced by pet owners. By offering free microchipping services and promoting responsible pet ownership, Blue Cross aims to safeguard the well-being of pets and strengthen the bond between owners and their beloved companions.

Source: BBC